Why does it feel like I’m taking over Kristen’s blog lately? Maybe because I have. Oops. I promise Kristen will make her very own blog post really soon.

But I just had to share some news with all the Rock Chicks out there.

We just received word that Kristen’s Rock Chick has been selected as a Breakout Book for Apple’s iBookstore.
Yes – you read that right – a Breakout Book. How flippin’ cool is that?

Needless to say Kristen’s tickled pink – I know, she told me. But alas she’s in “writing” mode again which means she won’t be coming up for air or to eat/sleep for a while. Which is why I decided to take over her blog again today.

Breakout Book. Cool!

To check out Rock Chick on the iBookstore you can go here:


If you want to know more about what other books are considered Breakout Books, go here:


And that’s it!

Chas is OUT!